Someone to Care, Someone to Listen, Someone to Share

We’ve all heard it said that “It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a Church to raise a village.” I would like to add “It takes a Chapel Ministry to comfort at an Airport.” CVG Airport has 5  thousand employees and about  5.7 million passengers a year.

CVG Airport is virtually an international city with it’s own zip code. Every day, there are thousands of serious problems, chronic needs, interpersonal crises and the need for someone to care, someone to listen, someone to share. This is the goal of our Interfaith Chapel Ministry. Our team of volunteers work hard and work so well together to bring light into the dark places of life and the hard places of travel.

chapel-icon1Our ministry reaches into the lives of hundreds of people every week. The Airlines and other businesses which service CVG Airport continue to show great support and appreciation for our ministry, as do so many domestic and international passengers.

We now have 18 active volunteers and our role of service and care is supported entirely by donations. If you are in the chapel you will note the “Mail Drop” marked CONTRIBUTIONS where we accept donations.  We haave started a new project with an Interfaith Service in the chapel a 9 AM on Sundays. Look for the sign at the chapel. Effective March 17, 2019 the Chapel will be located in Concourse “B” adjacent to Gate 14. We hope you may find this more convenient to use..

We appreciate your prayers and your support. Let us give you a tour of our “mission field” and interest you in one of the greatest ministry opportunities you may ever have had right here in our own backyard . It is a mission field called  “CVG International Airport’