girl_bibleIn November 1989, a group consisting of pilots and local ministers began discussing the need for a chapel at CVG. And less than one year later, the idea was approved by the Kenton County Airport Board (KCAB). Originally located in Terminal 2, the CVG Interfaith Chapel, was first dedicated on September 6, 1990. The group that first conceived of the chapel at CVG included: Greg Milton, a pilot; Rev Bill Neuroth, Bishop Hughes of the Diocese; Pastor Michael Watts, Ft. Mitchell Baptist; Rev. Larry Leslie, Mary Queen of Heaven; Rev. Randy Jones, N.Ky.Baptist Association.

The original location in Terminal 2 served the airport for about seven years, but the space needed some improvements. The original chapel was very small and did not have a ceiling, which limited the privacy of the chapel. Through the cooperation of Delta and KCAB, space was provided and constructed for the Chapel in Terminal Three, on the Baggage Claim Level. This new space was formally dedicated in 1997.

A Board of Directors oversees the operation of the Chapel with a President, Vice. President, Secretary and Treasurer plus at least 5 members at large. The board meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of  the  month. If you have any questions or would like to contact the chapel, you can find the contact information on the Contact Us page of this Web site.

In September, 2015 we celebrated 25 years. We appreciate your prayers as we continue to move forward.


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