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Update on Terminal 3, Concourse A

Work is now completed and on May 15, 2012 Terminal 2  closed and all of their operation will moved to Terminal 3 . Along with this move Concourse “A” is open and all flights that used to leave from T2  now depart from Concourse “A”.  Also a USO is now open in Concourse  “A”. Thanks for being patient while these changes were being made.

The Chapel of course remains on the Baggage level of T 3 and we look forward to many more people using our resources.

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Preparing well for travel delays and cancelations

With the amount of connections down at CVG do you still stop by the Chapel on your way to  or from a flight.   Anything we can do to make your stay in the Chapel more beneficial?

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Chapel suggestions?

Do you have ideas on how we can improve the CVG Interfaith Chapel? If so, we would enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions. Simply leave a comment to this post or drop a suggestion into our donations box in the chapel.

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Sky Harbor Interfaith Chaplaincy

Travelers familiar with the CVG Chapel may also be interested to know that many other airports also have chapels. One of them is in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The Sky Harbor Interfaith Chaplaincy provides both a chapel and Traveler’s Aid office.

If you are flying to or through Phoenix you may want to stop by for a visit. They are located on Level 3 in Terminal 4.

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CVG Chapel on Facebook

If you’ve not found us on Facebook yet, you can join the discussion at

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Chapel Reopened

The Interfaith Chapel at CVG is open again after undergoing some repairs. Pics of the new chapel are posted below:

Posted by: leames | December 6, 2008

Air Canda Flight 797 + 25 years

Helpless urgency welled up in the voice of the Gate Agent on the other end of the phone: “Chaplain, I have a passenger who is sobbing uncontrollably, we need your help.”

Last month, “Tom” was on his final connecting flight home. His layover at CVG was only 50 minutes and he simply came unglued. Gasping through his tears Tom said: “Twenty five years ago, my father died at this Airport in the Air Canada disaster. He was a Dad I hardly knew and now grief is paralyzing me.”

The son of a famous musician who spent over 250 days a year on the road, Tom was suddenly confronting repressed grief and he needed spiritual care. He needed to tell his story and be well heard. He needed prayer and consolation.

A few dozen passengers at CVG need such care every day.

Soldiers returning from battle fields who are suffering post traumatic stress disorder, business men who have just lost their jobs, travelers destined for funerals of beloved ones, and patients on the way to cancer centers are just a few encounters our Airport Chaplain ministers to every day.

As our Chaplain drew near, Tom realized his deeper grief was focused on the 4-year-old granddaughter his father would never know “and never get to write a song for.”

Words of compassion and prayers of consolation were shared and a few days later, a memorial service was held and a photo of a lovely 4-year-old girl was committed in honor of Tom’s deceased Father.

The Interfaith Chapel Ministry of CVG is on call and open 24-7 with amazing opportunities for offering spiritual care.

[Editor’s Note: On 2 June, 1983 Air Canda flight 797 made an emergency landing at CVG when an in-flight fire behind the washroom spread between the outer skin and the inner decor panels, filling the plane with noxious, toxic smoke. There were 23 fatalities and 16 others injured. This incident led directly to the FAA requiring all planes to have smoke detectors in lavatories.]

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Video of A380 at CVG

On October 3, 2007, an Airbus A380 landed at CVG. This video from 700WLW shows the big bird landing and provides some interesting information.

This second video provides a tour inside the A380.

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CVG Video

Posted by: cjwartman | November 13, 2008

Military Lounge at CVG

A few yearss ago, the Northern Kentucky-Cincinnati International Airport opened a new lounge area for members of the military and their families. This new lounge provides a comfortable place to wait with reclining chairs, couches, a TV, an  internet connected computer and some snacks.

As of may 1, 2012 this is now a USO with all it’s attributes.Members of the military and their families can find the lounge near gate 25, in Terminal 3, Concourse B. Now there is also a USO in Concourse “A” also open to all military and their families.

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