Staffed by chaplains and volunteers from the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area, the CVG Chapel is more than a place to pray, read and meditate, our staff is committed to supporting the spiritual needs of travelers and airport personnel. We understand that all who travel are not on their way to DisneyLand. That is to say, we know that people travel for many reasons, and some journeys can be difficult. But our chaplains are available to provide spiritual support and emotional comfort when needed.

The chapel is located adjacent to Gate 14 in Concourse “B”. You  may call the chapel at 859-767-3077, or ask your gate agent to contact the chapel for you. You may also call   859-391-7879 (cell) and we will also try to contact a Chaplain at CVG. Our chaplains will do our best to come to you. You may also look for a badged Chapel Volunteer in the Concourses.

If you write something in the prayer book up front you may be sure someone will pray with and for you.


Concourse B adjacent to gate B-14

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